Our Mission Statement

The purpose of No Place Like My House is to create informed consumers by educating the home buying public and especially first time homebuyers who are not familiar with the mortgage process.

About me:  my name is Ava Colonna.  For the past 25 years I have worked with thousands of people helping them to become homeowners.  My career includes some ten years in the banking industry and over ten years in the mortgage industry.  My goals have always been to help potential buyers realize the ‘American Dream’ of homeownership.

Currently I originate mortgages and am licensed in Connecticut and Rhode Island, NMLS # 3836.  All that I do in my career centers around helping consumers in the areas of money, credit and the responsibilities of homeownership.

  • Potential buyers with credit issues who wish to work towards a goal of homeownership can contact me for help.  There is no cost for my service as it is part of what I do in helping people to become homeowners.
  • Current homeowners who want help to protect their investment and loved ones can contact me for guidance and service as well.
  • For potential buyers who are currently looking to be pre approved to purchase a house please note I provide reliable preapproval/prequalification letters.  All of my letters are issued with the use of underwriting software which is used in the lending industry to approve loans.  Extra time is given to perform an in-depth interview with my customers so they know exactly which product is best suited for their particular situation, why that particular product and all the costs involved with that product.

My name is Gary Lajeunesse.  I am a licensed real estate agent with The Brown Group Realty firm on 18 High Street in Westerly, RI, selling and listing property in Connecticut.  My experience includes 30 years of residential and commercial new construction and rehab inspections and a background in Connecticut’s building codes.  With knowledge of Connecticut’s building codes, I offer a valuable service to my clients who depend on me when I am inspecting their properties.  While working with a land acquisition company, I learned about land use and management of all soil types in Connecticut.  I bring all of this experience and my time as a contractor and builder to my real estate career.  Allow me to help you with your purchase or sale.